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Sunday, April 04, 2010

My Reach May Surpass My Grasp

For the last couple days, I've been working on a post about "Life After Money."  I don't know yet whether I can finish it or not.  It all comes down to evolution.  Can homo sapiens survive long enough to get both feet out of the jungle?  I'm an optimist.  I think we can, but I suspect we'll wipe most of our population out at some point along the way.  We have slightly more emotional maturity than a gorilla and less than a bonobo.  However, we find ourselves in the possession of increasingly powerful forces.  We're like a child with fireworks.  Will we grow up before blowing off a limb?  It may be part luck that decides the answer.

My post about what life could be like depends on us not killing ourselves completely, but it will probably require us to blow off a leg or two.  Why?  Because people are problem solvers.  We don't like to rebuild things.  We'd rather just patch them up.  We'll keep patching up our broken way of existence until it falls completely apart.  Then, and only then, will we consider rebuilding it.  It seems like a high price to pay, but maybe it is just the nature of who we are.

Keep watching for that post.  I may just finish it, but probably not before I finish filing my dang 2009 tax returns. YUK!

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  1. You're really nothing like your dad, except when it comes to expressing yourself verbally and in print. He was pretty damned good at expressing his opinions, and so are you. I liked your Sunday the 4th blog.