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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fair Play

Last Sunday, the weather was beautiful and I was committed to taking full advantage of it. Me and my pal Kase decided to take in some sunshine and park scenery while playing some disc golf. In case you didn't know, disc golf is similar to regular golf in strategy. However, instead of clubs and a ball, we use mini Frisbees that serve as both. And, instead of a hole, we use a basket with chains to help the disc fall into the basket. I noticed that the sport seems to be growing every year. Today, the course was quite crowded, so we had to wait out turn at many of the holes. The good news is that we were sitting around at a beautiful county park on a near perfect day.

When I got home, I didn't want to be in the house, so I turned around and headed right back out for a little bicycle ride to the store. In the Summer, I like to ride my bike to the store as much as possible. Sometimes, I even ride to work. Besides being excellent exercise, it uses zero emission green energy – me!

Too many people spend too much time sitting in front of their computer screen. Between McDonald's supersized meals of fat and sugar and home entertainment, it's no wonder we have such a serious obesity problem in this country. Summer is coming! Everyone should eat some fresh fruits and veggies grown right here in Michigan and get out and do something in the beautiful weather. I know I will.

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