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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Long Live the Queen! – Scotland Bound

Today went relatively smoothly.  I checked out this morning having had a solid if brief night’s sleep.  I was already to wait for the shuttle to the airport.  I began reflecting on my experiences with public transportation during the previous evening when a taxi driver happened by and offered me a nice private ride in his leather upholstered Mercedes for 15 pounds sterling.  I took it.  He was from Pakistan.  He told me that the Pakistanis got all the female exploitation cultural stuff  from India.  Who knew?

I started waiting, and waiting, and waiting for Susan to emerge from customs.  Fortunately, she did.  We sat down at a restaurant and I enjoyed what is known as a “full English breakfast:”  hash browns, baked beans, grilled tomato, sautéed mushrooms, fried egg, English bacon (looks like ham to me) and a sausage.  Add to that fresh squeezed OJ and…whoo hoo!  I skipped lunch.  Susan just had porridge, beans on hash browns and my tomato.  They had a very soft couch on which I may have fallen asleep momentarily.

Security – more queuing, boarding – more queuing, waiting to take off – more queuing.  I could not wait to get out of England.  When we broke through the clouds in Scotland and I saw that beautiful countryside below, my heart soared.

We took a short taxi ride from the airport to Edinburgh city centre.  What a nice town.  We have a great apartment with all the amenities.  After settling in, we popped round to the local Tesco for some groceries.   We got some McVitie’s Digestives.  I think these are special cookies for dipping in tea.  I’m not waiting for tea.

After dinner at an exceptionally good Indian restaurant, we when round the pub for a “welcome to Edinburgh” scotch.  I chose a 10 year from the Isle of Skye.  It was a bit peaty for my taste, but very smooth for a 10 year.  It has a bright, fruity flavour.   Sorry, just practicing for my distillery tours.

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